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Hashigo commission update

hashigo-wallpaper-sketchIts pretty much final though the tip of the tail is bothering me

oC with sin-wolf

I haad an oC with sin-wolf today but there was a problem with the connection so he ended up drawing over my drawings to heres just what I have done


Hashigo commission

I got a new commission. Hashigo has commissioned me to make him a wallpaper with his fursona.

I have begun sketching for it now in oC1.1

hashigo-wallpaper-sketchSo far I’m impressed, if any one wants to give me feed back then feel free.


Moonstalker has such a nice style I had another go at emulating it

Check out his gallery here

up late XD

Im up late tonight watching beyblade XD

Still I managed to whip this up in oC1.1 running in Wine.

roadrunnerI may come back to this some other time

My Mates Naga fursona concept



Lana: Fallen Artheria

Name: Lana Fin

Sex: Female

Species: Vulpine

Age: 18

Birth date: 6/10/711

At the age of 8 her father took her to visit the great cliffs deep in the wilderness of Velan but her father fell off the great cliffs and his body was last to the sea.

Lana was then forced to live a life alone and lost in the wilderness for 9 years. Without the interaction of others from her own kind her speech grew poor often making sounds like an animal. she forgot how to read or write as well as a the laws and customs of her people.

At 17 she was discovered by a pair of hunters and they found she had difficulty talking.

They brought her back to their home town to find her some help but being around so many strange people filled her with fear. She wasn’t in the town long when she was kicked by a mean fox who thought she was stupid for not being able to talk properly but he didn’t expect Lana’s mind to snap and she lashed out viciously biting him in the neck.

She was chained to a post until the town’s lord decided what to do with her as she had lost her mind and become feral.


The lord took pity on her and decided not to have her executed but to have her taken away form their home country Velen and released on the mainland like a wild animal with only a heavy steal bracer fixed to her left arm from when she was chained up.

New character

renic-concept-sketchSince Drey has a cool character I decided that I want one too :)

So far his name is Renic and he is a White-crowned Hornbill (Berenicornis comatus)

I think I’ll make him a bit of an Internet junkie who loves AYB

Also have a look at “All your base are belong to us

Its made of 7 differant kinds of WIN

PS where can I find a Mp3 of it?

Running Gryphon sketch

Oh noes, I left the gas on!

Oh noes, I left the gas on!

I sketched this one as fast as I could and trying not to do any rubbing out.

It’s supposed to be my roadrunner gryphon fursona showing off how fast he is but I found it difficualt to draw this in the profile angle heh. I’ll get better mark my words.

Changing my fursona

I’m really thinking and Icant decide if I want to be a gryphon or a full anthro bird.

Even then I have the problem of what species of bird to choose, I have found a few that I like

white-collared kingfisher

violet turoco

masked crimson tanager

Vulturine Parrot

A male Asian Koel

maybe even a Lesser bird of paradise

Anyway more bird pics here

Kyotefox VS Xi’rho



Some random Gryphon sketches


WIP New fursona

Heres what i have so far for my new gryphon fursona

ME ^^

ME ^^

I might make some changes later

Drey gift

I made a little gift for Drey


He is a gryphon and a great artist so I suggest you pay his gallery a visit

Drey gryphon’s’s gallery

Christmas fennec

A fennec fox having his present

Happy christmass linda

Happy christmass linda

Christmass card for my sister

Made another one for my sister, its a furry fennec fox ^^



I spent time studying the work from kemono artist (Japanese furrys) to desperately improve on my eyes and ears.

So here is the two I did after some practice


Owned them shorts XD


Paws took some work but I got there :)

Practice head


I think I’m improving but I need direction

Hashigo birthday gift compleat

hashigo bday v2

Pretty pleased with it my self


“Any way expect more art from me ^^” or not XD

Yea I haven’t done as much as i would have liked, the commission is going slow and so is the planned comic.

So I have decided to shift on to multiple smaller comics with short stories and I have my friend Hashigo writing one of those stories at the moment.

I planning to finish this commission in the next few days and I will be open for doing sketch commissions.



The dragons are unique from the other races in many ways one being the way they reproduce in that the females implant unfertilized eggs into a male mate where it is fertilized and grows until it is ready to be laid, this can lead to confusion for the other races were the female dragons appear to be male.

The other unique aspect about the dragons is there openness to outsiders often welcoming others as friends and sometimes as a mate and dragons are very long-lived having a life span of several hundred years

The dragons are very powerful creatures thanks to their ability to use magic and their warriors ride atop giant feral dragons for their brute strength.

Though the dragons are powerful enough to seem undefeatable their long lifespan is their Achilles heel as their population will take hundreds of years to recover from any losses from a conflict where as the other races would recover in 20 years meaning a prolonged conflict would be devastating to the dragons numbers and they may never recover, this is the key reason why they chose to be peaceful and avoid conflict.


The wolves have the largest territory of all the different races. They live in a pack oriented society where every wolf belongs to the ‘greater pack’ and ‘lower pack’.

The ‘greater pack’ is a single pack the includes every wolf  and the highest ranks act as Government with the alpha male and female having greater power than all the others.

A ‘lower pack’ is the wolfs personal family

All wolves born are given lowest rank in both packs, to rise rank in the lower pack it can simply be given by an alpha should they believe it is deserved and to rise in rank in the greater pack requires contribution towards the greater pack and the quickest way is to enlist into the greater packs military.

Wolf soldiers typicaly wear plate armour with a large shield and use a short sword. Their tactics focus on a strong defense and retaliation.

Sketch of the day

little fox

I haven drawn any thing in ages so here is a little Doodle.

Now a need to get around to doing that second commission.


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